CallME! Click-to-Call API

The CallME! API allows you to connect any phone number to any phone number using some easy to use methods. The CallME! API integrates click-to-call into your web application or on-line directory.

CallME! API methods

The CallME! API is a simple to integrate, HTTP POST/GET based API. All CallME! API calls are booked from a prepaid account.
The CallME! API is an extension of a normal CallME! account, comes with an on-line control panel and the same international call rates apply.

  • callme - executes a CallME! call where you provide both phone numbers
  • callme_sub - executes a call within the CallME! master/sub-account structure (only reseller/directories)
  • callme_vmsg - executes a Voice Message call
  • add_sub - adds a sub-account under a master-account (only reseller/directories)
  • asign_sub - assigns a sub-account to a client (only reseller/directories)
  • lock_ip - locks the requesting IP address to your servers IP address only
  • cdr - returns a call data record
  • cdr_post - allows to post call data records automatically
  • monthly_report - returns a monthly report
  • send_sms - sends an sms/text message
  • send_login - sends login details to a user
  • prepaid - returns your actual prepaid balance
  • callcost - returns the price per minute and destination for each call leg, based on the phone numbers you provide


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